Current Lab Members


Ziyan (Eureka) Zhao

Ziyan received her B.Eng in Biomedical Engineering from Beihang University Beijing in 2010. She joined the lab as a doctorate student in 2011. She works on cell-based assay designs and high-throughput screens for potential drug candidates and probe molecules.

Alex will receive a B.S. in Molecular and Cell Biology from UCONN in 2018. He joined the lab as an undergraduate in 2014. He currently works on the FRET based assay to discover PKC activators or inhibitors to function as potential Alzheimer's Disease therapeutics.

Jaimee Doucette

Jaimee joined the lab in 2012 as a doctorate student, and is now working on the project of flow-FRET development.


Nathan katz

Nathan joined the lab in 2013 as an undergraduate. He is now helping Jaimee with cell barcoding system.


Meghan Wyatt

Meagan joined the lab in 2014 as an undergraduate.